Monday, January 3, 2011

Cliff Jumping

Landoe's went Cliff Jumping, hiking, and 4WD up in the mountains. It was great fun and there were about 5 other families with 4WD vehicles which made it that much more fun.

There were about 12 youth. Alaura was the first youth to jump into the chilly gorge waters.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sand Storm

Took a few pictures today during some interesting weather. There was a sand storm blowing in from WNW, but it was completely clear to the South. Interesting pictures when you realize they are taken at the same location.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vancouver, Canada Temple opening

Talk about a wonder woman....Karah took the kids up to Vancouver Canada during the open house of the temple back in April so the kids could see what it was like inside and grow up with a memory of the temple. Though getting up there proved to be a challenge. The boarder crossing agent almost didn't let Karah take the kids across the boarder without "the children's father" (who was busy working in the UAE). I don't know, maybe it was the picture of a red head and a brunet (my mother) trying to make their way across the boarder with 4 blonde haired kids. Personally, I'm betting there was an amber alert going on.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Al Ain, UAE

Landoe's are moving to UAE!!!

As many friends and family already know, Landoe's are in the process of moving to UAE. I have gone ahead of Karah and the kids to try and get things set up. Not to worry though as I've established contact with the local branch and they have put me on the "dinner calendar" -just like in the mission field. The members of the branch are very warm and inviting - like Puyallup Ward. What a benefit it is to have the church everywhere. I think I've instantly made about 30 friends here.

A map of Al Ain, where I am staying is located here. The map takes about 20 seconds to load as I have put in some rich text markers, showing the location of key places, where I will be like work and church.

First things first, Here's a pic of the family at the airport, trying to keep a smile even though we know the few months will be tough.

Here's a picture below of the LDS Church in Al Ain. It's housed in a typical Villa, which is like a large Rambler in the USA, made out of cement.

I'll add more pictures soon. Internet is somewhat slow and it takes a while to upload pictures. Let me know what you think of the map!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Daniel's Dictionary

Time for another edition of Daniel's Dictionary:

This week's entries:

  1. Graham Crapper = Graham Cracker
  2. Yike = Like

  3. Hang -u -ber = hamburger

  4. rick rish = Licorice

  5. Paw corn = pop corn

Mom, can I have a Graham Crapper? This phrase takes me back to the original wordsmith, uncle Jake, who proclaimed at age 9 Mom, I just learned from Brother Terry that I want to be Piro-craptor.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Need I say any words ...


Hunter: "Dad, can I spend the night out in the backyard and shoot my B-B gun at those rabits that are eating all the strawberrys? I'll only shoot them in the bottom."

Dad: "How would you like it if those rabbits shot you in the bottom?"

Hunter: "Dad, rabbits can't shoot, they don't have apposable thumbs."

-I'm out witted once again.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daniel's Dictionary

Here's just a few words we've added to "Daniel's Dictionary". They are:

  1. Pooter = Computer

  2. Roar-a = Alaura

  3. Gotsta = must

  4. Spoesta = should

  5. Hoy hoy ghost = holy ghost (from age 4)

  6. Thingeee = most mechanical things usually preceded by an adjective

  7. Pears = Prayers, usually preceded by 'Gotsta' as in "Roar-a, we gotsta say pears!!!

This body builder picture is about 4 years old and from a disposable camera ...but I thought was worth scanning and posting.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alaura moving up to Young Womans!!!

This past Sunday, Alaura graduated from Primary and is moving up into Young Woman's!!! It's a big milestone for her and we can't believe she's already in young womans!!!

Also, in addition to graduating from Primary, Alaura's worked very hard to finish her Faith in God award, which requires her to do several faith/testimony promoting things like memorizing articles of Faith and studying topics like "Standing for Truth" in the topical guide and writing and preparing her own talk. As part of Faith in God, she also worked very hard at developing her talents and serving others. There's too many things to list but we are so proud of her and I hope you have a chance to ask her sometime what she did to earn that award.

If you are curious to learn more about Faith in God requirements, you can look here:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sub Zero Mountain Morning

They say that freezing temperatures make very clear photos because all the moisture falls to the earth (or to a lower warmer elevation) when it freezes leaving you with clear crisp and vivid colors. I think that is what happened this morning. Notice the Eagle next to Mt Rainier (okay actually that was a crow...but who would have known the difference).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daniel's Birthday!!!

Daniel turned 5 today!!! Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Big Sis

Alaura is the big sister in the family, and she certainly lives up to it. The other day, on her own initiative she approached Karah and I about wanting to help her brothers and sistes clean their rooms. She talked it over with them and decided that the older kids should combine bedrooms with the younger kids to help train them to clean their rooms. I know this was a big sacrifice for Alaura, but she wanted to do it because she saw a need. So we spent Monday evening, reshuffling all the bedrooms and I must say I think Alaura was inspired.

Alaura is a great leader for all her brothers and sisters and really helps create some fun family times together for everyone.

Hunter earned his arrow of Light today!!!

Hunter earned the most prestigious badge in cub scouting tonight, the Arrow of Light. This is the one badge that he can wear on his Boy Scout uniform and throughout his life. The Arrow of Light also has an age cap of 11 years old after which boys cannot earn it any longer. Hunter earned his Arrow of Light 5 months early, enabling him to start focusing on Boy Scouts early and preparing for all the campouts, survival excercises, and high adventure activities. Way to go Hunter!!!
Excerpt of AoL ceremony

Pencil drawing of Rhiannon

Little Angel

I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready for work and make a lunch and when I opened the refrigerator, this is what I saw...a nice big brown sack lunch that was thoughtfully prepared and even had my name on it. Thanks Rhiannon!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Future Idol contestant: Daniel

Daniel was practicing his guitar solo last night.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Sunrise Poem

At the break of day when thoughts awake
The Son light shines across the mind
and gives me a moment to see and thank
my Lord and Master, Advocate kind

He bids me upward, cheers my soul
Binds me up and makes me whole

He shines a light forth that all may see
The grand plan laid for eternity
Where we can grow in joy and love
Through Him and with Father up above

His loving way lights up our path
and shows us they way to live as he hath

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Landoe's carry the world...and a pic with Cosmo the Cougar

Fun optical illusion at the Museum of Flight.

Kids had a chance to meet Cosmo while the BYU Cougars were in town. They stopped by the Museum of flight where we met Cosmo, watched BYU football reruns, and Cosmo commercials...and there was food.