Saturday, April 3, 2010

Al Ain, UAE

Landoe's are moving to UAE!!!

As many friends and family already know, Landoe's are in the process of moving to UAE. I have gone ahead of Karah and the kids to try and get things set up. Not to worry though as I've established contact with the local branch and they have put me on the "dinner calendar" -just like in the mission field. The members of the branch are very warm and inviting - like Puyallup Ward. What a benefit it is to have the church everywhere. I think I've instantly made about 30 friends here.

A map of Al Ain, where I am staying is located here. The map takes about 20 seconds to load as I have put in some rich text markers, showing the location of key places, where I will be like work and church.

First things first, Here's a pic of the family at the airport, trying to keep a smile even though we know the few months will be tough.

Here's a picture below of the LDS Church in Al Ain. It's housed in a typical Villa, which is like a large Rambler in the USA, made out of cement.

I'll add more pictures soon. Internet is somewhat slow and it takes a while to upload pictures. Let me know what you think of the map!


Mary J said...

Thanks for the update. Looks like very nice accommodations, and everything is pretty close in. We had a nice time with Karah at the temple last night, but missed you!

Photography Du Jour said...

Yeah thanks Joel. Looks like open blue skies. Probably a big change from the usual Washington weather.

Turners said...

I cant believe your so far away already! I told Karah we're gonna have to get video phone so we an see you guys! take care be safe and good luck with the job!