Monday, September 7, 2009

Daniel's Dictionary

Time for another edition of Daniel's Dictionary:

This week's entries:

  1. Graham Crapper = Graham Cracker
  2. Yike = Like

  3. Hang -u -ber = hamburger

  4. rick rish = Licorice

  5. Paw corn = pop corn

Mom, can I have a Graham Crapper? This phrase takes me back to the original wordsmith, uncle Jake, who proclaimed at age 9 Mom, I just learned from Brother Terry that I want to be Piro-craptor.


Mary J said...

Too funny. I love it! I think he and Leah speak the same language!

Turners said...

Yes! thats hilarious- Berkleys weird thing is every prayer EVERY prayer- she says thank you for the boing boing party???? when I asked her what that was she just jumped up and down a nd said boing! boing! kids are the best

Mark said...

ROR (raugh out roud)!