Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Sunrise Poem

At the break of day when thoughts awake
The Son light shines across the mind
and gives me a moment to see and thank
my Lord and Master, Advocate kind

He bids me upward, cheers my soul
Binds me up and makes me whole

He shines a light forth that all may see
The grand plan laid for eternity
Where we can grow in joy and love
Through Him and with Father up above

His loving way lights up our path
and shows us they way to live as he hath


Shelby99 said...

Nice Poem

A friendly little BOO from I bet you'll never gues who

So I'll give you a clue

A ghost from your past happy 2 C U

Best wishes for you and your family

Mark said...

so where are these Halloween costumes I heard about last night?

Joel Landoe said...

Sorry, I just checked and we didn't actually take any pictures this year. Oops.

Mary Underwood said...

I love this poem. Beautiful photo, too.