Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kid's say the funniest things series continued...

Hunter helped load 4 chords of wood today and single handedly weed eated the entire front bank facing the road. There were two separate ladies that drove by and complimented Hunter on his work ethic, (both happened while he was loading wood into a trailer). I told Hunter, "Wow, that's two people today that have said you are a very hard worker. Why do you think they are saying that?" I taunted. Then Hunter in his own brand of humility said, "Dad, it's not about me... it's about the muscles I've got. They are saying that because they see my muscles."

What a humble guy :-).

Sept 18th - I come home and go strait to the refrigerator for a snack to find that there are magnets all over the refridgerator with Daniel's baseball picture. Daniel comes up and says, "There's a lot of me on there!"

Sept 18th - Then I go to the stove to cook up some sausage and Daniel wraps his arms around one of my legs and says, "Dad, I miss you too much". Man I love that little guy.


Brett Em & Berkley said...

HA!!!! that is hilarious! I love hunterisms! keep'em coming!

Mary Underwood said...

Oh, that Hunter is soooo funny. Always makes me laugh!