Friday, August 1, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

When I rode in to the driveway today, Hunter said, "Dad I can smell your sweat from here" (he must have been down wind. "Oh I'm sorry do I stink?" to which he replied, "No you don't stink. Sweat is the smell of Vitory". And that is one of the latest Hunterisms.

"Sweat is the smell of victory" -Hunter Landoe.
I told Hunter that was one of the most profound things I have ever heard him say. So he marched upstairs and shared his wisdom with the rest of the family "Sweat is the smell of victory everyone". Karah said, "That's nice Hunter, I want to start seeing some victory in that bedroom of yours -right now!!!"
Hunterisms continued...
Journal Entry 4/25/2008: Hunter declared yesterday, "I want to be a scuba-diverologist." I asked him what a scuba-diverologist does and he replied, "They do research of sea animals and fish."
Journal Entry 3/21/2008: I told the boys that we will be doing our first campout of 2008 at Buck Creek. Daniel burst out laughing in a loud giggly laugh and said, "Dad, you can't say that word!"
"What word?" I said.
"Butt Creep."
Journal Entry 3/21/2008: Tonight Daniel made gun shapes out of both his hands and pointed them outward and said, "Hey baby, how you doin' !!!". Where does he get this stuff?
Journal Entry 3/21/2008: Karah said she would make Daniel a necklace to which Daniel replied, "I'm gonna make a necklace for you...and for my girl." Then he looked down with his eyes slanted and poked his tongue into the side of his cheek. It was the cutest bashful expression.

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Mary Underwood said...

I love getting a window into your kid's personalities through what they say. Such earnestness and innocence. Those boys are clever!