Monday, June 16, 2008

Landoe Cowboys and girls

Landoe's finally did one of those Cowboy western themed photo shoots. The lady told us to look serious. So this was the result. From left front we have, Hunter Landoe, Sarah Underwood , and Leah Underwood. From middle left, Karah Landoe, Brittnay Landoe, Leslie Landoe, Mary Underwood, Daniel Landoe, Rhiannon Landoe. From Back left, Alaura Landoe, Joel Landoe, Mark Landoe, Jim Landoe, Zach Underwood, & David Landoe.

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Brett Em & Berkley said...

I want a copy of that! the best is Joel and Daniel! where did you guys do that at? can you imagine trying to get everyone still and serious long enough to do that for our fam? awesome!