Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the road again

Landoe's are doing what they can to contribute to the apparent fuel crunch, including riding the bicycle.

TRAVELOG: Friday - Joel is back on the bicycle, riding from work in Seattle once in a while. Total trip: 30 miles. Average speed: sluggish. Top speed Tortus speed.

Caught up to Brother Mike McDonald, on the Auburn trail. He started talking about his family and I said, "you must be Mormon." Then we realized the connection that he used to be Dad's counselor in the Puyallup Stake Mission.


Mary Underwood said...

Go Joel! Just don't draft behind any semi trucks, k? I prefer my brothers living. Since you are now making less of a carbon footprint, I can feel better about driving a few extra miles to the mall. Thanks, bro! In all seriousness, I really admire you for the bicycling thing, and a lot of other stuff, too. Love you!

Joel Landoe said...

Why thank you. The saddle sores are worse with age though. I can tell I'm not twenty any more and it seems like the days I ride, bike, I loose a lot of hair. Go figure that?

By the way, that self absorbed looking picture was taken for something to do with my work and I'll bet this gets taken down off the blog as soon as Karah sees it. She's the senior editor/person with class that makes sure I don't put anything dumb on there.