Friday, February 1, 2008

Daniel turns 4!!!

Daniel turned 4 on the 18th and we had a small family birthday celebration. One of the highpoints of the party was when Karah tried to teach Daniel "present" ettiquite by reading the card before opening the presents. Daniel opened the card from Alexis and pretended to read the card..."It says, Daniel just open your present...okay, ready, GO!". Nice try...Daniel. He tried to weasel out of reading another card too but mom outsmarted him.

Here's a video of Daniel opening a present from his brothers and sisters.
Daniel, after opening all his presents declared, "Mom, I think I'm going to have another birthday, but not after Christmas"...implying that he liked the idea of having these parties more frequently.
Here's another recent video of Daniel base jumping without a parachute.


BRETT & EMILY said...

He is so cute! 4 is when they actually start remebering. Tha is when my life began! only one more year till kindergarten! I can't believe it! Happy Birthday Daniel!- EMily Brett & Berkley

BRETT & EMILY said...

I just watched the videos of Alaura the midget and upside down face- she pretty funny- you should put it on you tube!

Joel Landoe said...

Thanks Em. I used to have them on here but Karah didn't like them. I do have one where she talks about chocolate. I can put that one on there.

I hear you've been getting a ton of snow. Well, I heard this year was abnormally bad /or good depending on how you look at it. You might as well wear skis rather than shoes. A few weeks ago the ski slopes were all shouting for joy because of the snow...but then they were crying when all the passes were closed due to avalanches ...kind of funny. Mark and I where going to go skiing Friday night but were "snowed out".

Mark & Brittnay said...

makes me laugh when Daniel says he feels good after having jumped from a chair and lands on his "bum." Kids are made out of rubber.